Sedona Lace Black Friday Must Haves and coupon code!! (@sedonalace)

Hey everyone!! If you are signed up for Sedona Lace‘s emails, you know they are going to be having a Black Friday sale.  I got a few emails from you lovely people asking what I will be getting or what I would recommend getting when the sale hits.  I have my list made based on what I already own, and that’s alot, I will give you my top picks for Black Friday must haves. Be sure to go to their site and sign up for updates and emails as well, and at the bottom of this post I will have a coupon code for you to use on your purchase!!

This is no particular order, but if they are listed they get used no less then once a week, most listed are used daily.

1. Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Collection – This collection is based on a few sets (Face set, 12 piece, and 7 piece) and can literally complete your brush arsenal.  I love every single brush and reach for them more then any other brush.  And they are PINK!!

2. 28 Neutral palette – This palette is a staple for everyday colors.  It has a nice array of neutrals, the browns in the palette are on the cooler side, just FYI, so when I use these I use the browns for transitional colors but use the hooha out of the lighter shades.

3. Vortex Collection – if you could think of a single brush missing from the Midnight Lace collection, then the Vortex collection will fill any void you could think of.  AAAANNNDDD this one comes with a brush belt option, not shown but definitely an option, and we all need options in our lives.


4. 120 Warm palette – this has any neutral shade in any texture you can dream of.  (don’t tell my other makeup but this is my most reached for palette of any makeup palette from any brand.  This is pulled out daily.)

5. Stick it to em primer – it works just like other brands but a LOT less.  Good color, good texture, good results.

6. 88 Metal palette – Gorgeous, shimmery metallic colors.  There is an 88 Ultra Shimmer, which I have, but I find these colors warmer and work better for me and there is less fall out even though they are a shimmery metallic.  They are pigmented and gorgeous.

7. 10 Blush palette -  When you don’t know what shade to wear on your cheeks, I find this palette has any shade I could want from petal pink to bronzier shades and with some matte and some shimmer.  There is also a 28 blush palette you can check out, but I really enjoy my 10 blush palette for the pan size.

8. Bridgette palette from the Babe collection – These shimmery shades are just perfection.  I use the lighter shade as a super amazing highlighter as well. I recommend all the palettes, but if you had to choose one I’d choose Bridgette.  The palette, also, has a dupe for Stila’s “kitten” in there, which you can see here.

is it weird to stop at 8 and not go to 10? oh well, it goes with the overall vibe of this site.

My personal Christmas list includes:

1. 168 palette 2nd edition – let me be the first to say, I don’t need any more shadow. I don’t.  As you can see above that’s plenty and that’s just a portion of the Sedona Lace products I own .  Which is by far the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shadow from any brand.  However, it’s sooo pretty!! Right?

2. Contour and Blush palette – I just need this in my life.  That is all.

I hope this was a fun look at some of the amazing products at  Maybe this will help with some Holiday gifts for loved ones or for yourself.  When you check out be sure to use the code stylefordummies for $4 off your order! Happy shopping and be sure to let me know what you get.  If you do a haul I wanna see, leave me a link!!

Until next time!!









FTC: some of the items were sent for review purposes and some were bought with my own money. All opinions and reviews are 100% honest.  This was not a sponsored post.


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